Belts, Tomahawk Covers, and Gun Accessories

Greybear Leather offers a wide range of hand-made, historically accurate accessories for your black powder guns, including frizzen covers.

In addition to gun accessories, Greybear Leather makes an array of sheaths for bladed tools of all types, including throwing knives, patch knives, tomahawks, and axes. Greybear Leather can build your sheath or accessory out of durable 100% cowhide to fit your gun or tool. Custom items are available, too.


  • One and a half inch ladies belt w/ antler tine - GBB-15: $38.00
  • Two Inch 8-9oz. laced w/ chase - GBB-2: $22.00
  • Two and a half inch 8-9oz. laced w/ chase - GBB-25: $23.00
  • Three inch 8-9oz. laced w/chase - GBB-3: $25.00


Accessories and Sheaths:

  • Small frizzen cover - FC-1: $2.00
  • Large frizzen cover - FC-2: $2.50
  • Tomahawk blade cover - GBHC: $10.00
  • Tomahawk sheath - GBHS: $20.00
  • Bowie throwing knife sheath - GBFB: $20.00
  • Beavertail knife sheath - GBTKS: $25.00
  • Cows Knee - GB-CK: $15.00
  • Half-inch leg garters (S-M-L) w/ brass buckle - GBLG: $10.00
  • Fourty four inch woven gun sling (swivel not included) - GBGS: $27.00
  • Fifty two inch leather gun sling (tie ends, can be dies to match bags) - GBGSL: $18.00

Hand forged iron and brass belt and bag buckles are available upon request.  Please email or call for pricing and more information.